Diamond Cuts

Since 1911

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Left to Right:  Trillion Cut; Emerald Cut; Heart Cut; Marquise Cut; Oval Cut; Round Brilliant Cut; Pear Cut; Square Emerald cut; Radiant Cut; Square Cushion Cut; Princess Cut

The image shows a series of diamonds of a similar weight. This makes a direct comparison of how large the
diamonds appear for the same weight size of diamond

Round Brilliant Cut:

This is the diamond cut by which all others are measured. When perfectly cut the Round Brilliant Cut offers the greatest brilliance due to the perfect round “reflector” shape. This also wastes more diamond crystal “rough” in the cutting process which is essentially why Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds are more expensive than almost all of the other diamond cuts.




Rectangular and Square Emerald Cut:

The emerald cut is cut by a series of “rectangular” steps and this type of cutting is referred to as a step cut. This lacks the fiery brilliance of the brilliant style cutting, but has a beauty all its own. The shape of the emerald cut is closer to that of the natural diamond crystal so less is wasted when the diamond is cut. This makes the emerald cut less expensive than the equivalent grade round cut diamond.




Baguette Cut:

The baguette cut is a simplified version of the emerald cut style (step cut) and is a rectangle shape or a tapered rectangle (Tapered Baguette Cut). Baguettes are generally long and slender and cut in smaller sizes, often used as shoulder stones.




Princess Cut:

The Princess Cut was developed in the 1960’s to attempt to achieve a similar style of brilliance of the brilliant cut but in a square shape diamond.The cut was further refined in the 1980’s and the popularity has increase strongly since then.




Square Radiant Cut:

This cut is like the princess cut with the corners facetted to offer the shape of the square emerald cut and the brilliance of the princess cut. The corner facets lend this shape to a wider variety of jewellery designs than the “exact” square.




Cushion Cut:

The Cushion shape cut is an interesting shape that lends itself beautifully to modern and tradition designs alike. This cut offers a similar brilliance to the princess cut in a softer shape which has made it very popular in recent years




Oval Cut:

The oval cut diamond is cut in the style of the round brilliant, however the shape will lend itself to a range of designs that require and elongated diamond shape





Marquise Cut, Pear Cut, Heart Cut & Trillion Cut:

These cuts add elements of the pointed shape and the cut style of the round brilliant cut. Their striking shape will lend itself like no other shape to very specific styles of jewellery design.They will often show a larger surface area for their weight which adds to their value for money. The trillion (also often referred to as a “Trilliant" or “Trillian" Cut) is usually only available in smaller sizes and is often used as shoulder diamonds.