How to Care for your Custom Jewellery

Since 1911

Look after your jewellery as carefully as you would any other precious possession. Here are some useful hints:


Don’t jumble your jewellery together, or store it with other pieces, because it can scratch your other jewellery.

Keep your jewellery in a fabric lined jewellery case or box with compartments or dividers, or wrap each piece in tissue paper before putting it away.


Jewellery should never be worn when doing heavy work or taking part in activities such as sport and gardening. Stones are vulnerable to chipping and even everyday activity can loosen a setting.


Always apply perfumes, colognes and toiletries before you put your jewellery on to avoid dulling.


Household products and even perspiration can accumulate and dull the surface. Clean your jewellery frequently.


Following our recommended cleaning instructions will always keep your jewellery sparkling to its maximum potential. You cannot do it too often.

Don’t let your jewellery come into contact with chlorine, bleach or other chemicals because they can pit or discolour the mounting. Mercury is a disaster when it comes into contact with precious metals like gold. It can completely dissolve gold and needs to be taken to a trusted jeweller at the first possibility to prevent further damage.


See us at least once a year to have your jewellery professionally cleaned and checked for loose claws, wear. & damage.


If you have a piece of jewellery that you no longer wear, or a piece you inherited and have never worn, we would be delighted to talk to you about renovating or redesigning the piece so that it takes on a new lease of life.